Beef FAQ

Q. Are your products available any time during the year? 

A. Beef is available year round. 

Q. Are there any deadlines for ordering?

A. Contact me anytime for beef orders.

Q. From the time of ordering to picking up the product, how much time should I expect?

A. After the beef are delivered to the processor, it will take approximately three weeks before it can be picked up.

Q. Will the beef be graded? How do I know what grade the beef is?

A. There are eight grades of beef, but the three grades consumers should pay attention to are Select, Choice and Prime. 

Select has the least amount of marbling, making it the leanest of the three. 

Choice is the most common and has more marbling than Select.

Prime has the most marbling and normally found in high-end restaurants.  Approximately 3% of beef carcasses in the USA grade as Prime to give you an idea of its availability. 

The beef I raise is not graded, however, after the finish process, it would grade at Select. The diet during the finish process is barley, grain hay and custom mineral which creates the intramuscular marbling.

Q. Can I request a specific grade of meat?

A. The finish process for beef can be customized to accommodate each customer’s requests.  A longer finish will create more marbling.