Lamb Pricing

Lamb is sold live on the hoof with the average weight being 115 pounds. Lambs are sold whole and a bill of sale will be provided.  However, if you wish to share a lamb with another person, it is easily accommodated with the processor.

Lambs are sold once per year.  Orders are placed mid-August, and, after payment is arranged, lambs are delivered to the processor of your choice mid-October. Orders must be picked up by the end of October, with processing charges being paid directly to the processor at the time of pickup.

Every processor has their own cut sheet and price list.  Please contact the processor of your choice for that information.  If you wish, I will guide you through the cut sheet either prior to the day of delivery or on the day of delivery.

To customize your lamb order from start to finish, below is a list of items to decide upon.

Steak Thickness

Number of Steaks per package

Roast Size

Pounds of Beef/Package

Your Choice of Steaks, Roasts, Ribs, Stew Meat:

Lamb Chops

Round Steak

Shoulder Steaks

Round Roast

Boneless Loin

Shoulder Roast

Leg of Lamb


Stew Meat

Ground Lamb

Lamb Shank

Breakfast Sausage