Lamb FAQ

Q. Are your lamb products available any time during the year? 

A.  Lamb is seasonal and available in the Fall.  However, I am working with producers to have lamb available throughout the year.

Q. Are there any deadlines for ordering?

A. Lamb orders need to be made by the end of September.

Q. From the time of ordering to picking up the product, how much time should I expect?

A. After the lamb is delivered to the processor, it will take approximately two weeks from delivery to pickup.

Q. Do you have a favorite website with lamb recipes?

A. I am happy to share my “tried and true” recipes.  I personally rely on because they differentiate dish type, lamb cuts and seasons for the recipe searches.

Q. Will the lamb meat be graded?  How will I know what grade the lamb meat is?

A. There are four grades of lamb.  The majority of lamb in the USA is either Prime or Choice.  The lamb I sell is not graded, but I estimate that it would be Choice.

Q. Can I request a specific grade of lamb meat?

A. The finish process for lamb can be customized to accommodate each customer’s requests.  A longer finish will create more marbling.