My Story

The Past
Raising cattle is in my blood. I am a 4th generation ranch girl with a passion for good food. The Jenni brothers moved west of Lewistown to the Cottonwood Creek/Beaver Creek neighborhood from Switzerland in 1881. My great grandfather, John Jenni, was one of the three brothers that established a ranch in Fergus County. His son, Abe, took over the ranch raising his family of four on Cottonwood Creek. Two of Abe’s children, Joe and Tom, carried on the family ranch after Abe retired in the 1970s. Today, Joe’s son, Bob Jenni runs the operation. My home is part of the original homestead and contributes to Bob’s cattle production operation. Being raised on a ranch taught me how important knowing the source of food.

The Present
guarddogWatching the events of 2020 unfold, listening to ag producers talk about limited methods to sell their product, and seeing consumers pay high prices for beef that has no Country-of-Origin information is the reason I started Montana Lamb & Beef (MLB).

Montana Lamb and Beef is a direct marketing company that connects local producers to consumers. The business is a part of the new ethical meat supply chain which eliminates meat packers, distribution centers and grocery stores. The consumer receives a quality product at a fair price that not only tastes great but is nutrient dense.

The company has two divisions: Montana Loves Beef and Montana Loves Lamb. The lamb and beef for both divisions are raised in Central Montana.

I believe that educating myself and others is very important with promoting lamb and beef. In January of 2021, I completed the Oregon State University Western Meat School program. The class covered everything from developing a business plan to grading beef on the rail.

I also have a Bachelor of Science from MSU-Northern in Small Business Administration with a double minor in Accounting and Small Business Management. I am an active member of the Montana Farmer’s Union. In my social circles, you will find me advocating for supporting local agriculture producers, promoting buying local, and revealing my secrets on cooking beef and lamb.

I offer a completely transparent health record of the products I sell. I work with area ranchers who raise animals that live comfortable lives. The herds spend their lives munching grass and hay while roaming vast acres of pasture, drinking from clean water supplies. Health records are important as well. Each producer provides information of vaccination records.

I hand select the cattle and lambs that transition from the pasture to the final process of being grain-finished. The age at which I shift beef from the pasture to the finish process is at approximately 16 months. The 60-90 day finish process for beef involves a diet rich in barley, grain-hay, well-sourced water and lazy days. The lambs I select are all under 12 months and their finish diet includes barley and grain hay in a grassy pasture. The finish process is at the E.L. Peterson ranch in Fergus County.

I use Pioneer Meats for all of my retail products.  Customers can choose a processor of their choice in the Central Montana area.  Delivery to the customer's processor of choice is included.  

The Future
Shopping at the local grocery store may offer some convenience, but it surely does not offer quality beef and lamb to provide your family.  I can provide a quality product from Central Montana that has been raised in an ethical manner, at an affordable price.  Sourcing beef or lamb in this manner may seem inconvenient initially, however, I will guide each customer through the process and be there to assist in each step. You will discover going to your freezer is much more convenient than making a trip to the grocery store.

I welcome every customer to my operation for a ranch tour.  Annually, I invite families to the ranch to see and play with the baby lambs. I will gladly assist each customer with delivery and aid in the cut sheet with the processor.  When the beef is processed and ready, I will help with pickup and/or storage. 

I also offer in-home cooking demonstrations.  I am wildly passionate about scratch cooking and will come to your home to demonstrate delicious and healthy meals. 

I have beef that are ready every month that are sold in whole, halves or quarters – whichever is your preference.  I have lamb that is available seasonally.  And I also offer both beef and lamb year around in quantities as small as one pound.  My prices are fair, reasonable and competitive.  My customer service is free.  Call/text or email me to schedule a beef or lamb for processing.  406.380.0051   Email: