Beef Pricing

When it comes time to purchase the beef, I will sell it to you “live on the hoof.” Customers can select either a whole, half or quarter beef.   This means you will be purchasing a live, finished beef before it is delivered to the processor. The animal will be weighed the day of delivery which will determine the cost of the beef.  The price per pound will vary due to the market fluctuations and delivery address, therefore, when you reserve a beef with me, the price will be set at that point.   To give you a guideline, most of the finished beef weight between 1100-1400 pounds and the average price per pound recently has been $1.20.  I will provide a bill of sale with the weight of the animal, price per pound and total amount.  This record will be used for the brand inspection that I will coordinate before processing. 

After payment is arranged, I will deliver your beef to the processor of choice.  My range of delivery is 70 miles from Judith Gap.  If you wish, I will guide you through the cut sheet either prior to the day of delivery or on the day of delivery.  At the time of delivery, the processor will have the date the packaged product can be picked up.  Please note that due to limitations of freezer space at the processor’s facility, meat must be picked up right away.  Processing charges will be paid directly to the processor at the time of pickup.

Every processor has their own cut sheet and price list.  If you chose to work with my preferred processor, King’s Processing I will be able to provide you their cut sheet and pricing.  Otherwise, please contact the processor of your choice for that information.

To customize your beef order from start to finish, below is a list of items to decide upon.

Steak Thickness

Number of Steaks per package

Roast Size

Pounds of Beef/Package

Your Choice of Steaks, Roasts, Ribs, Stew Meat, Organ Cuts:

Various Cuts:

NY Strip Steaks

Filet Mignon Steaks

Rib Eye Steaks

Flank Steak

Sirloin Steaks

Round Steaks

Chuck Roast

Rump Roast

Prime Rib Roast

Full Tenderloin



Soup Bones

Ox Tail

Beef Cheeks

Organs (heart, liver, tongue)